Sanding & Finishing

Sanding and Finishing are truly the heart of our business at Stoltzfus Hardwood. Whether we are sanding newly installed wood, refinishing a floor to match a new kitchen, or restoring a historic floor to its former glory - the majority of our time is spent in this phase.


*For most sanding jobs we will require access to a 240v electrical outlet for our large sanding machines. We usually plug into an existing outlet for an electric dryer or oven, however, in the absence of those options we are typically able to pull our power directly from the breaker panel. 

the sanding process

While the process varies depending on the size of the job and the occupancy status of the house, most sanding jobs will begin with putting up thin sheets of plastic to reduce dust contamination. This process may include covering kitchen cabinets or built-in bookshelves as well as sealing off doorways or other openings to create a barrier between the work area and the home owner's living space. 

Our sanding equipment is made by top-of-the-line German manufacturers (Lägler and Festool) for state-of-the-art dust collection and superior sanding results. Some of the machines are attached to external vacuum systems, while others provide excellent vacuum power on their own. While it is nearly impossible to provide a truly "dustless" sanding experience, our process and collection of equipment have been developed to leave the job site impressively clean. 

The approach to sanding changes from job to job depending on both the state of the floor when the project begins and the look that the customer desires. We select our equipment and techniques based on the needs of each project. 

While we appreciate some space while we are working during the day, homeowners are not required to leave during the sanding process and are able to walk across the floor each night between sanding days. 


Color Selection

Color selection is a big and exciting part of every floor sanding job. It can also be one of the most stressful parts for the homeowner. It is our goal to use our experience and expertise to make color selection a painless process. 

While we do like to have an idea of what color the customer is looking for early in the job (as it can affect our sanding process, and even wood selection if we are installing a new floor), the final color selection will happen some time in the latter half of the sanding process.

The way we prepare color samples is simple: we designate a sample area and sand that part of the floor the entire way through the process that we have selected for the project. After the sample area is prepped, we apply color directly to the floor. Once a selection is made, we sand the sample area to remove the samples completely, then continue sanding the rest of the floor. 

The stain brands that we typically work with include:

  1. Bona Drifast
  2. Zar
  3. DuraSeal

As an alternative to a traditional stain, we also offer  Rubio Monocoat as a Zero VOC option. (more on that in the next section)




Waterborn Polyurethane

Hard Oil

Comercial Poly

(more info coming soon!)