We specialize in installing raw wood (unfinished) floors that are to be sanded and finished on site after installation. We believe that this method gives us the ability to create the highest quality floors possible by allowing us the greatest level of control over the entire process. (We do, however, install pre-finished floors upon request on a case by case basis. Feel free to contact us for more information)  

Wood Selection

Before the installation process can begin we must select the correct wood for the job. We work with a variety of suppliers to buy wood from around the country and the World. We are also proud to work with some amazing local mills here in Pennsylvania who will make flooring to our exact specs. These local mills allow us to have your flooring custom milled to virtually any width, length, and thickness in a variety of species. (This can be especially useful when matching existing wood that may no longer be available, or when looking for a truly one-of-a-kind floor) 

There are many decisions to make when selecting the right wood for your floor.

We will help guide you through choices in:   

  1. Wood Species (which will affect durability, stabilty, appearance, and cost)       
  2.  Board Width (affects stability, cost, and availability)     
  3.  Solid Wood vs Engineered Wood (affects cost and stability)                        



Before we begin installing a new floor it is important to inspect the subfloor for stability (movement, noises, sponginess) as well as height changes, high edges/lips.

We will perform a reasonable amount of subfloor sanding and light repairs/additional fastening as part of our standard installation procedure. (To achieve a premium quality job, some projects will require more extensive subfloor repairs and preparation at additional cost.)

We will also check the moisture level of the existing subfloor and evaluate the site to determine if the use of a moisture barrier product is necessary.



Laying the floor

Once the new wood flooring is on site and ready to be installed we begin installation. Each job is different and we use a variety of  high quality fasteners and adhesives to secure each floor depending on its specific needs.

Over the years we have honed our installation skills and developed techniques to install floors in a variety of styles. We can install wood borders, custom transitions, parquet patterns, and more.